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Leading the Way

When you envision a better future, it's your responsibility to create it. The future we saw was one where both businesses and individuals give more than they take, transforming our world into a unified force of love, community, and innovation.

We're Torchbearers

Rekindling Our Beloved World

While our podcasts, shows, and events vary in format, each was inspired by our shared mission and is intended to transmute the way you think about the world through philosophical and business-minded insights and unique, expert interactions.

To Transmute: (verb) to change in form, nature, or substance.

Unique Interactions

Connecting to your community opens up new doors and paths, you never know what you'll experience. Many of our episodes feature dynamic content styles that will shape how you relate to everything. Are you ready to evolve?

Expert Interviews

There's nothing like boots-on-the-ground expertise. We interview knowledge leaders across a multitude of industries about their journey and discuss how to synthesize their history with today's listeners.

Leading Insights

When you approach the world from a different paradigm, it completely changes how you interact with the world. On each project, our team shares their unique insights into philosophy, business, and life.

The Tricast

One Triangle | All The Time

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What Will Our Legacy Be?

When you're determined to give more than you take, you change how you operate in the day-to-day. Spending the time to invest in creating thoughtful media that transmutes your world through growing your perspective, giving you the tools to better your life, and grow your business is the least we could do. We're ready to pay it forward for the amazing community that enables us to create the world we want to live in.

The Philosopher's
Quest Podcast

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Our Campfire

Take a Moment and Have a Seat

Creating a space for the people in our community to connect each other opens new avenues of growth and discovery. Our family of philosophers, creatives, and business leaders would love nothing more than to welcome you with open arms and share what we've learned from our travels.

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We're always looking for new opportunities to serve our community. Have an idea for a new project that you'd like to collaborate on? Email our Founding Partner Rob Davidson.