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What's In The Newsletter

The Advisor was written to provide curated pieces of classical wisdom for the ambitious business professional. Each issue of the newsletter will concentrate on a practical lesson in which its application will propel the reader in their journey in becoming a more virtuous and effective leader.

Practical Philosophy

Sustainable Growth

Discovery Starts Here

Arena 1: Personal

Growth always starts with reflecting inward toward oneself. The first arena we do battle in is against our default reactive nature. Mastering those impulsives results in a happier, thoughtful life. That means you become less stressed and more intentional in reaching your goals.

Arena 2: Relational

Our relationships are a byproduct of our internal environment. As we become more intentional in our thoughts and patterns, we become more effective at nurturing positive relationships. How we identify and communicate with others furthers our impact far beyond what we achieve alone.

Arena 3: Business

Business is the art of organized actions and relationships. It's natural that once we invest in ourselves and in our relationships, that growth spills over into the commmunity that shares our mission. Now clarity, efficiency, and progress in our work all become second nature.

Focus: Bettering The World Starts With A More Intentional You

All issues of The Advisor are intentionally written to cast a light toward positive growth within an individual, specifically an individual that internally determined to being a force of good in the world.

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