Every Brand Needs
A Growth Strategy

Get The Help You nEed To Forge The Right One

While your business doesn't need you to become an expert in every essential skill, it will always need the right expertise in order to continually grow.

That's where we come in.

Calling All The

Stretched-Thin Business Owners

At the heart of every business, is a business owner that cares deeply for the people their product or service helps. That's probably you.

In order to help the people you care about, you have to move heaven and earth to consistently provide them value. But you can't do everything.

You probably Know

More Sales Fixes Most Problems

There's not many problems in business that wouldn't be mended with more money.

The trick is creating a system of introducing new customers to your business, leading them to the first sale, and keeping them engaged to ensure their business and loyalty for life.

To Do It All

You Need The Right Kind Of People

Growing the impact of your business it demands a constant source of new customers.

That's easier said then done.

If you're on this page, there's a good chance that's the very thing you need help with.

Marketing, Branding, & Sales Are The Sparks For Growth

Without Them, You Wont Go Far

Welcome to The Triangle Company.

Throughout our consulting relationship we'll work with you to diagnose the roadblocks preventing your business from achieving its potential. We'll then guide you through building the right solutions for constant business growth.

We know how to help.

Not all of these components below are needed for every client. The right mix of service components will be selected during our initial fit consultation, based on our recommendation and your mutual agreement.

Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing attracts the right kinds of customers, walking them straight to your chosen point-of-sale. The right strategy will focus your efforts, allowing you to coordinate a wide variety of tactics to your target market.

Branding Strategy

People buy what they understand, that's the key to an effective brand. A wide variety of variables affect that process, resulting an a significant change in your brand's perceived value in the eyes of your target market.

Sales Strategy

When it comes to sales, you either know it or you don't. Your sales process should be a repeatable, hospitality-like experience for your customers that naturally leads them to purchasing your product or service.

Website Analysis

Your website is your brand's hearth, and quite often your most profitable way of turning leads into customers. To do that, your website should be easy to understand, easy to navigate, and supported with the right digital assets.

Content Strategy

Content is what you pump through each of your channels to educate your target market on the value you provide. Not only should your content be valuable, but there should be enough of it to breakthrough in a noisy world.

Project Oversight

You may have the right marketing, design, or video vendors, but you may not have the know how to know if they're doing good work. We've coordinated hundreds of projects over the years and are happy to provide oversight.

Bringing Our Expertise

To Your Business

Our team has worked with companies of all sizes on a wide variety of project types.

We live for creating profitable breakthroughs with business owners like yourself, so our chosen mission is to bring the expertise of multi-million dollar firms to your business, at a fraction of the cost.

We're Your New Trusted Advisor

Our one and only goal is to support you and your business in every way we possibly can, making sure that you continue to surpass your goals, building a business that creates constant value for its community.

Marketing, Branding, & Sales Strategy Consulting Packages

The Triangle Company Standard Package Icon

Video & Design Assets One-Off Projects

Focused Creativity, Measurable Results: Specialized Projects for Specific Needs.
The Triangle Company Upgraded Package Icon

Long-Term Strategy Consulting Relationship

Comprehensive Sessions, Monumental Growth: Tailor-Made Business Strategies
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Business Revenue Growth & Sale Prep

Beyond Consulting: We Invest, We Innovate, We Grow Together
Level 1

One-Off Projects

When your business needs a targeted boost without the commitment of an ongoing relationship, a One-Off Project is the perfect solution for your business.

Built for immediate impact, our service specializes in video, design, and custom projects to meet your specific needs.

Ideal for businesses seeking swift, high-impact solutions, our expert team delivers precision and creativity on every project. Whether it’s a standout promotional video or a boutique design, we ensure quick turnaround with lasting results. Elevate your business with our focused expertise, one project at a time.

The Triangle Company Standard Package Icon
The Triangle Company Upgraded Package Icon
Level 2

Consulting Relationship

Introducing our Consulting Relationship service - a comprehensive approach for businesses seeking regular, in-depth guidance.

This service involves hands-on meetings where we delve into the nitty-gritty of your business operations, offering insights, strategies, and actionable plans. From enhancing your marketing efforts to streamlining sales processes and boosting your brand presence, our experts are here to provide constant support and tailored solutions.

This is an ideal service for businesses looking to actively evolve and adapt with a committed partner guiding them every step of the way.

Level 3

Business Revenue Growth & Sale Prep

Our Business Revenue Growth & Sale Prep* service is an exclusive, high-commitment option for businesses seeking a partnership at a deeper level. In this unique arrangement, our team often takes an ownership share in your business in exchange for our comprehensive services.

This tier is about a mutual investment - our success becomes your success. We dive deep into every aspect of your business, offering not just advice and strategies but also implementing them alongside your team.

This service is designed for businesses ready for a transformative journey, with our team committed to long-term, impactful results.

The Triangle Company Enterprise Solutions  Icon
It's Time To Select

The Right Package For Your Business

As you evaluate the support level options below, consider the following questions:

  • How fast do I want to achieve my goal?
  • Should they work with me or my team?
  • How much support do I need?

We're happy to discuss which option makes sense for you and your business, sign up for an Initial Fit Assessment to learn more.

Clients that opt for annual contracts will receive discounts on projects with partnered vendors.

*Business Revenue Growth & Sale Prep does not require you to sell your business after we've increased its revenue and profitability. Our contracts are negotiated with your desired end-goal in mind at the start of our relationship.

What Is All Included In A Consulting Relationship?

Each consulting package include the following Package Elements. Please note that specific strategies and tactics will be custom-tailored to your business's unique needs as we do not believe in generic, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our experience, our strategies, & our insights distilled right into your business.

Problem-To-Solve Focus

The truth of the matter is that a business cannot possibly be an expert in everything. The reason that your customers are loyal to you is not because your company is an expert in marketing, branding, & sales. They’re loyal to you because you provide an excellent product or service.

The reason that you don’t have more loyal customers is because you’re not an expert in marketing, branding, & sales.

That’s where we come in.

Solution Overview

  • Regular consulting deep-dives where you and our team reach into your business and turn it into high-performing machine.
  • Constant attention by our leadership team, all personally invested in making your company as profitable as possible.
  • Your company benefits from our persistent research in the latest trends, each assessed for its fit and application in your business.

Our insurance policy to make sure your people, your vendors, & you stay on track.

Problem-To-Solve Focus

Different kinds of businesses have different kinds of needs. That can be as simple as having a bigger appetite for growth. Different needs means different a different kind of relationship with our team.

In either case, sometimes a team needs more hands-on involvement from its consulting partner in order to continue to drive results forward without slowing down.

No matter how ambitious you are, we’re ready.

Solution Overview

  • For all our clients, our leadership team is available between meetings to help your team.
  • You can use this additional assistance to have our team provide you with strategic guidance, review assets your team creates, or coordinate other hired vendors.

Made for those that don’t have a photographic memory.

Problem-To-Solve Focus

We’ve all been in that meeting that was incredibly productive, breakthrough after breakthrough, only a fraction to be remembered the next day. Your time is too valuable to be lost.

If only we had an audio recording of the entire meeting, ready to be listened to whenever it was needed. That would be something.

That’s why we have the audio archive.

Solution Overview

  • A collection of recordings for every meeting you have with our team, ready for your listening pleasure whenever the need arises.
  • Our team will review each recording, distilling our meeting’s insights into actionable objectives for your business.
  • Each recording will be available throughout your relationship with our firm.

A personalized, never-ending library completely obsessed with your business.

Problem-To-Solve Focus

The more advanced teams prefer strategy, analysis, and other consulting insights provided as a deliverable in addition to 1-on-1 meetings and correspondance with their consulting partner of choice. They’re looking for a playbook that they can refer to 24/7.

This is why our team developed the “Evolving Growth Guide”, as our client’s personalize, all-inclusive consulting resource. Continuously updated with best practices info & more.

Solution Overview

  • Continuously updated, digital resource tailor-made for your business.
  • Includes, but is not limited to: written analysis from meetings, ideated tactics & new revenue opportunities, sales collateral, design inspirations, content strategy, social posting schedules & topics, links to cutting-edge resources, and other recommended areas of improvements for your business.

Reserved For Clients Who Opt-In For This Package Element

Let's Start Growing Your Business Together

It's time to decide if you're ready to invest in your business's growth. If you are, schedule a Initial Fit Assessment and we'll discuss which option is right for you.