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How We Guarantee Results

Overview Of Our Advanced Video Project Process

This is how we deliver the results-focused, video solution tailor-made for sales teams and organizations that prioritize a return on their investment.


Evaluation Call

In the Evaluation Call we'll cover the following:

  • Video Type
  • Project Goals
  • Essential Details

Successful projects are built on a foundation of shared alignment between our team and yours.

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Small Business Owners and other team members talking about a sales video project with The Triangle Company
Then follows An Optional

All-Parties Call

If your team requires a second follow-up to our initial call, we're happy to have a conversation with all parties involved in the decision.

Proposal + Quote

Once we receive the green-light from your team that you are interested in moving forward, we'll generate a proposal showcasing your project details.

Review Call

Prospective clients also have the option to choose to have a final review call to go over the proposal, quote, and other essential information crucial to the project.

Signatures & Deposit

When you and your team are ready to commit to the project, indicate that you're ready to sign our standardized agreement and submit your 50% deposit to being your project.

Areas Of Improvement Consultation

Before we being with shoot preparations, our team prefers to start off with the AOI Consultation to focus in our upcoming meetings. Topics covered:

  • Company Website
  • Current Sales Process
  • Social Media Accounts

Recommended improvements delivered shortly after the consultation.

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The additions like the AOI Consultation and other bonuses are what we use to create the strongest foundation possible for the video project you've purchased.

They are the critical components that ensure your return on investment.

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Video Project Launch Meeting

The most important meeting of the project lays the foundation for our creative process and strategic goals. In this meeting we'll cover:

  • Primary Video Story & Strategy
  • Comprehensive Project Timeline
  • Initial Shoot & Bonuses Logistics

Once we're aligned, we'll start preparations for our shoot.

Pre-Production Phase & Check-ins

Create Video Script & The Project Outline

Pre-production is where our team starts building the guiding elements of your video. This includes your creating video's script, project outline (similar to a storyboard), and shot list.

Optional button

Review Project Vision & Our Approach Plan

The next step is for you and your team to review the script, outline, and shot list and request any needed changes. We'll also help you refine your feedback into what's best for the final video.

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Submit & Approve Your Video Media Assets

Finally, the last step is to submit your company's brand assets like logo, color palette, and any essential graphics for the video. We'll also send you some music samples for you to approve.

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Production Prep Meeting

Our Production Prep meetings critical for ensuring the success of our upcoming video shoot. Often these can be a simple 30-minute video call. In the prep meeting we'll confirm arrival times, the day's schedule, and where to set up our gear for the production shoot.

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Production Shoot Agenda:

Primary Leverage Videos

Our focus for the production shoot is first and foremost your primary "leverage" video. We call them leverage videos because you use them to change the path of your target market.

Complimentary Executive Bio Videos

Once the footage for the primary video has been captured, we'll prep your team for your Three Complimentary Bio Videos. Think of them as your new digital introduction tool.

Additional Selected Videos (Optional)

For those that upgrade your Advanced Video Project to include additional videos at a discounted rate, we would capture the necessary footage on the same shoot day.

Production Shoot

Where We Capture The Connection Between You And Your Customers

How To Have The Best Video Shoot:

As much as we wish we could snap our fingers and deliver a perfect video without any effort on your part, Video Production Projects of any size are a team effort.

We can best deliver incredible, revenue-generating videos when we have a dedicated and organized client to work with.

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Each Production Shoot typically includes capturing key footage for the core story, subject matter interviews, b-roll, and aerial footage when applicable. While there may be cases where we deviant from the norm, we approach shoots in a relatively systematized way in order to ensure the quality of the deliverable.

Post-Production Phase & Check-ins

Interview Footage

Before we create the first draft it's often important that your team selects your favorite cuts from interview, sometimes called "A-Roll" footage, to help guide what makes it into the final video.

Rough Cut

The rough cut is an unpolished draft without music, graphics, or other finishing touches. We send this over prior to the review phase to ensure the 1st true draft aligns with our shared vision.

Polish & Audio

After we've been given the green-light for the rough cut, we'll proceed with adding all of the details and adjustments needed to turn raw footage into a high-quality deliverable.

Draft Review Phase

Once post-production is complete, we'll be ready to begin the review process. We want to emphasis that we only submit drafts at this stage that meet our standard of quality. The purpose of the review phase is to ensure that the finished product meets your unique needs.

1st Draft Review

While we aim to deliver a perfect video on the first round, that's often not the case. When reviewing the first draft, think to yourself:

  • Is there a clear purpose behind the video?
  • Will the view understand what to do next?
  • Is there anything in it that doesn't belong?
Small Businesses Evaluating The New Sales They Got Through Video Production From The Triangle Company
A Small Business Owner Calculating How Much Video Production Costs

2nd Draft Review

Many of our clients are happy with what they receive after the 1st draft revisions.

In case it needs a few more tweaks, please note: this will be your lost chance to make any substantial changes to your video before incurring an increase to your final bill, so make sure you completely review this draft to ensure that it meets your vision for the project.

Video Utilization Strategy Walkthrough

Now that all the reviews and revisions are in, you have yourself a finished video.

Now it's time to decide how best to use it in order to get the most return on your investment.

We'll meet to discuss best practices, placement strategies, and how we'll be recording and communicating your video's performance.

Picture of a business executive watching a bio video made by The Triangle Company

Launch & Analytics Performance Review

Once we've decided what our goal posts will be for your video's success, you're completely ready to launch! It's our mission to ensure your video creates the results you need. We'll be in contact with you throughout the following few weeks to track its performance.


Final Delivery

Once we've seen your video's performance outpace the chosen baseline we can confidently call the project a success.

All we need from you at this stage is your remaining payment toward your final balance.

Reviewing Your Finished Project

We hope you have found this overview of our process to be beneficial in evaluating the right video production partner for your company's next project. Throughout the project process, it's our goal to provide you and your team with the best experience you've ever had working with a production team. If that was case, we would greatly appreciate a Google Review our service and deliverables.


You Can Depend On

The Triangle Company brings a dependable level of excellence to every project we commit to. Our process is our path to your progress.

We aim to always embody: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

If your company would benefit from working with a company like ours, we'd love to talk to about what your video needs are.