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Advanced Video Project

Guaranteed Results | Sales Team Extension Service

Imagine if every incoming lead knew why they should work with you. How would your business change?

If you are like most Sales Leaders, you would probably focus more on the qualified leads that would make the most impact to your organization. You would be able to develop your team more intentionally. You would even only have to hire quality sales people, instead of focusing on quantity.

You should be able to do all this and so much more, so how do you get there?

Anything is possible with the right tool.

Sales Team Extension Service

We Arm Sales Teams With The Tools They Need

What could the right tool do for you?

From our experience, sales teams everywhere are looking for a more intentional sales process, one where their customer can trusts them completely.

One that can give them faster sales cycles, more chances for upsells, increased customer demand, communicate next steps, and creates intuitive closes.

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Amplify Your Department's Impact

Every Sales Executive is responsible for the the performance and success of their division. You have to balance constantly training new sales representatives despite increasing trends in employee turnover with positioning the right salesperson for each incoming lead.

The right tool for you would make your team more effective while also enabling them to focus on the most critical and qualified leads.

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Increase Sales Rep Performance

Every Sales Representative, on the other hand, are responsible only for their own performance. Their efforts are entirely evaluated by the kind and quality of relationships they create with incoming leads. The only uncertainty is whether the person in front of them is right for your solution.

If a salesperson spends too much time with an unqualified lead, then they are directly taking time away from a potential customer.

We live to create impactful tools for sales teams so that they can grow relationships with people that will truly benefit from their solutions.

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Move Intentionally

In Your Funnel-Pipeline Handoff

With every Primary Video purchase, a complimentary Areas Of Improvement Consultation will given to ensure your Marketing Funnel & Sales Pipeline are operating optimally.

We analyze your Sales Process, Website, & Social Media and deliver our recommendations for their improvement.

Market Value - $1,700

Choose Your Leverage Point - Primary Video

Question & Answer

Most leads have countless questions that when asked, prove to your sales team that they're not ready to buy. Answering those questions becomes an unwinnable game. Your lead relaying those becomes a nightmare.

This video format is our solution for both.

Product/Service Fit

A prospective buyer will need to hear the void of desperation in your voice if they're to trust you with their business. What's better than trusting your sales team to master their micro-expressions even when their commission depends on it?

The format that sorts the sheep from the goats.

Pricing & Logistics

We're believers in playing offense, not defense. What is every one of your competitors defensive about? What will they refuse to talk about unless the customer spends night and day walking them through every inch of their business? Prices.

Cut through the noise with your pricing process.

Customer Journey

Rome was not built in a day, nor was your customer's buying decions. Problem discovery, evaluation, decision, transformation. Show your next lead everything the last one went through, and why they're grateful they chose you.

Save them the time. Show them a video.


All the closed leads in the world won't matter if you don't have a team to fulfill on your promises. This is where recruiting comes in. Get ahead in a headhunter's jungle. Demonstrate to the market why people love working in your business.

Talent is an asset. Acquire yours.

Landing Page

Above all else, everyone fears what they don't know. Is this the right choice for me? Will my problems be solved? What will happen on with my data on the other side of this lead form? All fears, trite and ferocious, deserve to be slain.

End the fear. Help them take the leap.

Overviews/About Us

As the name infers, provide context about your company in an all encompassing overview that walks your potential buyers through your story.

Our Team

Your business is more than your margins and a good name. Introduce your team to your customers, and they'll introduce you to theirs.

Our History/Legacy

Show your customers where you've been and they'll show you where you're going. This video is primed for proud, family businesses.

The right team deserves the right tool.

We know our tool, our custom-tailored videos, is the right one for your team, because who else promises that after the first 50% of the project price you won't pay a penny more, until you see the results they deserve?

Our Profit-Promise Guarantee

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Three Complimentary

Executive Bio Videos For You

Set the right impression even before your next lead watches your P&L rejuvenating sales support videos.

Reach right through your email, introduce yourself, and shake your future customer's hand.

Recommended for executives and customer-facing representatives.

Market Value - $7,500

Stride Confidently With Your

Video Utilization Strategy

Not only do you want a tool that can change how you do business, but you want to know exactly how your team should use it to absolutely transform how far you can go with your business.

A complimentary, step-by-step guide to using your newly acquired sales collateral.

Use with caution. Will cause profits.

Market Value - $1,700

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Invest In Us. We Invest Right Back.

Every Standard Package customer can advance to the Upgraded Package for 50% off any and all Company Context Builder videos at any time while a project is active or during the post-project period while your Profit-Promise Guarantee is being evaluated.

A glimpse Into

How We Guarantee Your Video's Results

Unlike other video production firms, our Advanced Video Projects are all strategically tied to specific key performance indicators and ratios throughout your sales process.

Each video is evaluated by its own dedicated metrics of success and when we together blast past those goalposts, your Return On Investment is proven.

You're one click away from new profits.

Longevity Promise - Complimentary

5 In-Cycle Rounds For Significant Revisions

Doubling the industry average for optional in-cycle revisions, we're dedicated to ensuring that your investment in your sales team fully captures its potential and its market share.

Market Value - $3,300

Unlimited Video Lifetime-Maintenance

Rest assured that your video will last. Has your title or name changed and needs fixing in lower-third introductory text, or any other small tweak? We promise to have your back forever.

Market Value - $2,800

5-Year Warranty For Discounted Reshoots

Need our team to come back to location to shoot a significant update for your video? We'll make it as affordable as possible to bring our expertise back to your business, for years after purchase.

Market Value - $4,700

Deliverable Excellence Promise - Complimentary

On-Camera Performance Coaching For Your Team

There's a good chance that your team aren't moonlighting as professional actors or teleprompter readers, so they may need camera coaching lessons. Your leads will thank you.

Market Value - $450

Location Scouting - When Possible

You'd be surprised how much thought goes into your location. Surveying the shoot location for troublesome noise or lighting will allow us to be best prepared and save hours on shoot day.

Market Value - $250

Scripting And/Or Scripting Assistance

Scripting writing is a skill most people don't have, and is vastly different from traditional writing. We'll work both independently and with your team to refine how we position your video.

Market Value - $850

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Help Your Customer

Understand Why They Need You

You know you sell an incredible product or service that betters the lives of your target market.

The only thing missing is your incoming leads sharing that belief and trusting that your company will deliver on your promises.

Our projects give you both.

Additional Bonuses - Complimentary

Assisted Launch

Depending on your company's level of digital sophistication, you may find Vimeo hosting (for optimal embedding) and YouTube uploading (for SEO) valuable. In every way we make it easy.

Market Value - $300

Digital Assets

For videos that need that special something, the following additional stock, template, and design assets are included: Graphics, Animation, Video, Photo, Audio, & Royalty Free Music.

Market Value - $2,200

Drone Videography

Nothing sets the stage of a location like the movement drone footage brings to a project. Determined use variables: weather conditions, location logistics, & FAA regulations.

Market Value - $1,700

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Your Sales Process
Will Never Be The Same

The Sales Speed, Size, & Volume That You Thought Impossible

Our Offers | Sales Team Extension Service

Select your preferred option below to begin the process of investing in your sales team, your company, and your total revenue impact.

All Projects Are ROI-Focused With Success Guaranteed

The Triangle Company Standard Package Icon

Standard Package

All of the complimentary bonuses listed above are included with purchase of your selected primary video. Features Our Success Guarantee. The preferred option for most of our clientele.

Total Price - $11,700

Project Timeline - 6 Weeks

Package + Bonuses Total Value - $39,150

The Triangle Company Upgraded Package Icon

Upgraded Packaged

All of the complementary bonuses listed above are included with purchase of your selected primary video. The Upgraded Package also includes a discounted rate for additional videos.

Starting Price - $15,550

Project Timeline - 8 Weeks

Package + Bonuses Total Value - $45,800

The Triangle Company Enterprise Solutions  Icon

Enterprise Solutions

All of the listed complimentary bonuses listed above, plus more, with negotiated pricing based on volume of videos selected and your company's unique sales goals.

Preferred option for dedicated corporations.

Total Price - Quote On Request

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Sales Material

Built To Better Your Team

Each of our Service Packages above feature a primary video and supporting services that are custom-tailored to your business and strategically positioned to create the biggest impact possible in your sales process results.

We promise your company is sure to notice the difference.

Next Steps

Prepare To Unlock Your Sales Team's Process

Now that you've seen how our specialized process will transform how your sales team's performance sky-rockets with self-qualifying leads.

If you're happy with the amount of value we create for sales teams, what's next is for you is to plan how this will look for you and your company.