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The Best Video Production Firm For Small Businesses

When you invest in a video production project, you need it to make you money.

That's the point of video marketing.

Why should your video production service make you sales?

Small businesses, with revenue under $40 million, should only hire a video production service that has your best interest in mind. Everyone can make a video that tells a story.

Very few video production firms know how to use video to make you sales.

Small Business Video Production | Why Should You Hire Us?

20+ Years Of Video Production Experience

We specialize in creating high-quality videos that connects you with your target audience and drives growth, making us the best choice for small businesses. Our experienced team knows video production better than anyone.

As Sales Strategiests We're Results-Focused

Choose a video production firm that's committed to boosting your sales. Our approach goes beyond storytelling; we create compelling videos specifically designed to increase revenue for small businesses.

We Make Video Production Feel Easy

We make video production projects easy, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Our time-tested process will maximize your impact while decreasing how much time you have to spend managing us.

An example Sales Video that The Triangle Company made for a local St. Louis small business through its video production service

Client Work

Boeing & Wings Of Hope | Sales Video Project
A picture of a Recruitment Video we made for a business through corporate video production

Client Work

Bayer-Global | Recruitment Video Project
A photo of one of our small business consulting clients. This customer came to use wanting to buy video marketing from The Triangle Company

Client Work

Glam By Hoda | Business Revamp
A Small Business that we helped through our brand strategy services

Client Work

Calmplimentz Consulting | Business Revamp
A picture of a video we made for a small business in the greater St. Louis area

Client Work

Red Bud Industries | Marketing Consulting
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The Triangle Company

We are an elite team of video technicians, marketing consultants, and sales strategists.

Our mission is to help businesses create lasting growth through video marketing strategies that shine a light on the products and services that truly make their market's lives better.

It's time for your customers to know how valuable you can be to them.

If you lead a business that you believe can achieve that, we'd love to talk to you

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Unlike most video production companies, we do more than give you an "story-focused" video.

We work closely with your team to create personalized strategies to help you get the biggest impact for your video project.

Get ready for faster sale cycles, easier closes, a more efficient customer experience, and an incredible return on investment.

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We live to create ROI-positive video marketing & sales strategies that jumpstart an authentic relationship between our clients and their ideal customer. If you are wondering if The Triangle Company is right for you, don't hesitate to email

We'd be more than happy to guide you through our free consultation process.

Just A Few Of Our Clients

Photo of a Small Business Owner Imagining What Their Sales Would Look Like With Better Video Production

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On Fire For You

When your customers understand the value you create for them, and how your solution will change their life, there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep them away from demanding a connection with your small business.

That's the point of video marketing.

That's why our clients work with us.

That's what we can do for you.